Offsprings from our Oniscus asellus “Mardi Gras”

Update zu Oniscus asellus „Mardi Gras“
I have news about my Oniscus asellus “Mardi Gras”! But first of all a quick thank you to you for the great feedback you left me with the first article.
So thank you!
There really was something happening with our wild catch. Since I don’t want to unnecessarily stress the animals, which I have only once in my breeding room, I don’t check them for pregnancy by taking them in my fingers and looking for the brood bag (Marsupium), but I make sure that the basic needs like humidity, sepia and food supply are given. From time to time I had a chance look at them and was happy that they were still alive. In this case, I was already very happy with very little, because occasionally I was unlucky that the few animals I put so much faith in were dying before any breeding success.
Now to the news: Our Oniscus asellus “Mardi Gras” has become the mother of many small light-coloured babies. As soon as I discovered the little ones, my joy rose! A short moment later I asked myself how the colouring of the baby isopods would develop. Do you know that the feeling when you’re never satisfied with what you have, your needs and expectations only change.
Oniscus asellus Mardi Gras
Oniscus asellus Mardi Gras
Therefore it remains interesting in which direction the colouring of the baby woodlise will develop.
Unfortunately, the little ones are relatively light-shy and at the same time really quick, so that I cannot provide a better photo. However, I can see, or imagine, that I can see yellow dots along the segment plates. I am therefore confident that the colour feature has been inherited by a few young isopods and that I have dozens of small Oniscus asellus “Mardi Gras” babies in my breeding box. I hope nature won’t teach me any better, so my guess will soon be confirmed. As soon as the coloration of the F1 generation stabilizes, I will sit down again and write a few lines.
One thing is for sure, it was worth it to keep your fingers crossed!

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