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Jumping spiders are fascinating little creatures. With their big, inquisitive eyes and impressive jumps, they [...]

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Learn everything about the Caribena versicolor tarantula – from its natural habitat to husbandry

Caribena versicolor: An exotic tarantula from the Caribbean Caribena versicolor, also known as the Martinique [...]

Let us introduce you to the biOrb EARTH 125

Since the keeping of reptiles and amphibians became popular, terrariums have changed very little. Modern [...]

The new biOrb AIR

Plants and animals are the natural antidote to the concrete desert. In today’s fully digitalised [...]

The terrarium system from Hobby

Terrarium systems are not only space-saving, but also look high-quality and professional. This means that [...]

The treasure of friendship

In a secluded corner of the forest, where the trees were so dense that hardly [...]