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Information is the key to successful pet ownership. In our magazine you will learn everything that is important in life with your pets. You will receive valuable tips on the care and keeping of your pets. In the magazine we will introduce you to different species and you will learn everything you need to know about keeping them in a species-appropriate way. We slowly introduce you to the different topics and keep everything easy to understand.

Sex determination of millipedes

Sexing millipedes can sometimes be a puzzle for beginners as well as advanced keepers. But don’t worry, we will guide you through the basic aspects of [...]

The fascination of jumping spiders: A look at the sexes and their colouring

Jumping spiders, the small and agile hunters, not only attract attention with their impressive behaviour, but also with their unmistakable appearance. What particularly catches the eye [...]

The most frequently asked questions about keeping jumping spiders: Here you will find the answers!

Jumping spiders are fascinating little creatures. With their big, inquisitive eyes and impressive jumps, they can charm even those who normally give spiders a wide berth. [...]

Relaxation in the hectic world: The meditative effect of terrariums in the home

In the fast-paced world you live in, hectic is often the norm. Always on the move, rushing from one appointment to the next, you juggle work [...]

Effective measures against fungus gnats in the terrarium

Oh dear, what are those tiny flies buzzing around in my terrarium? Fungus gnats! A shiver runs down my spine, my hand trembles in horror. Panic [...]


Isopod Food – How to feed them right.

Before the Isopod-Hype reached us, isopods were mainly used as clean-up crews in many kinds [...]




Despite their size, tarantulas are much less dangerous than is commonly believed. Their bite is [...]


Sex determination of a praying mantis

What name do I give my mantid? Julia or Julian? First of all you should [...]

Jumping Spider-Magazine

Keeping jumping spiders – quickly and easily explained!

In this article we will go into detail about keeping jumping spiders. All important points [...]



The secret of the isopods without eyes

In my new YouTube video “Unboxing Terraristika Hamm | Asseln ohne Augen?” you could marvel [...]


Beetle Jelly- The Easiest Recipe

INGREDIENTS For approx. 570ml Beetle-Jelly • Preparation time approx. 15 Min. INSTRUCTIONS Cut the fruit [...]


Sex determination of millipedes

Sexing millipedes can sometimes be a puzzle for beginners as well as advanced keepers. But [...]


Having the right information available at the right place in the right situation – this can make the difference between success and failure.

But the mountain of information is constantly growing. Even today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the relevant knowledge from the sometimes contradictory information, to quickly select the most important and up-to-date information for decision-making.

We regularly use different networks to inform ourselves. Our sources of information include many hobby growers and experts who have tried or also experienced very interesting things, some of which we also use for our magazine.

One should inform oneself before the purchase about the keeping requirements. Many species are very good and successful to keep in terrariums, what the many offspring successes also show.

However, some species require special care or special food, which should be clarified before the intended purchase. We try to answer these questions in our keeping reports to protect you from surprises.

We update our descriptions regularly and provide you here with the latest findings. Also newly introduced species will appear here after a certain observation time.

Fun Stories for little heroes

Our children’s stories are full of adventure and magic and are about the fascinating animals that inspire us in our hobby. Many of our stories star animals such as isopods, centipedes, scorpions, spiders and snails. Through these stories, children can not only learn more about these fascinating creatures, but also learn valuable lessons about friendship, cohesion and courage. The adventures in our stories are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and fantasy, encouraging them to explore and discover the world around them. We hope that our children’s stories will help foster a love of nature and its inhabitants, while encouraging children’s creativity and understanding.

The treasure of friendship

In a secluded corner of the forest, where the trees were so dense that hardly [...]

Lena and the millipede Tobi: An unequal duo

Lena was a little girl who loved animals more than anything. One day she discovered [...]

Hüpfel, the vegan jumping spider

Hüpfel was a very unusual jumping spider. Most of her peers preferred to hunt flies [...]

Being different is great: The lesson of Sigi’s crazy day

In the deep jungle, where tall meranti trees towered into the sky and wild animals [...]

How a snail crossed the road and became famous in the process

Once upon a time there was a little snail called Shelly. She lived in a [...]

Lisa’s wish: a tarantula as a pet

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lisa who had always wanted [...]