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Relaxation in the hectic world: The meditative effect of terrariums in the home

In the fast-paced world you live in, hectic is often the norm. Always on the [...]

Effective measures against fungus gnats in the terrarium

Oh dear, what are those tiny flies buzzing around in my terrarium? Fungus gnats! A [...]

Mites in terrarium: causes, prevention and solution

Discovering mites in your terrarium is a bit like a roller coaster ride of emotions. [...]

Let us introduce you to the biOrb EARTH 125

Since the keeping of reptiles and amphibians became popular, terrariums have changed very little. Modern [...]

The new biOrb AIR

Plants and animals are the natural antidote to the concrete desert. In today’s fully digitalised [...]

The terrarium system from Hobby

Terrarium systems are not only space-saving, but also look high-quality and professional. This means that [...]

Flake Soil: What is the Japanese miracle substrate capable of?

Flake Soil as a substrate is currently the subject of controversy. Many are unsure whether [...]

Beetle Jelly- The Easiest Recipe

INGREDIENTS For approx. 570ml Beetle-Jelly • Preparation time approx. 15 Min. INSTRUCTIONS Cut the fruit [...]

My presentation at the “Club der Aquarienfreunde Nürtingen e. V.”

On 08.02.2019 my presentation at the “Club der Aquarienfreunde Nürtingen e. V” (Club of aquarium [...]

Right from the start – keeping reptiles correctly on a living terrarium substrate

  A successful keeping starts with a well thought-out ground. Thinking of the substrate of [...]

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