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The treasure of friendship

In a secluded corner of the forest, where the trees were so dense that hardly [...]

Lena and the millipede Tobi: An unequal duo

Lena was a little girl who loved animals more than anything. One day she discovered [...]

Hüpfel, the vegan jumping spider

Hüpfel was a very unusual jumping spider. Most of her peers preferred to hunt flies [...]

Being different is great: The lesson of Sigi’s crazy day

In the deep jungle, where tall meranti trees towered into the sky and wild animals [...]

How a snail crossed the road and became famous in the process

Once upon a time there was a little snail called Shelly. She lived in a [...]

Lisa’s wish: a tarantula as a pet

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lisa who had always wanted [...]