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Pet Isopods: The great crawling!

A piece of nature in the living room: woodlice and co. can easily be kept [...]

Alder cone broth- effects and preparation for the terrarium

Again and again owners tell me that almost their entire isopod or millipede population has [...]

5 ways to regulate your isopod breeding

If you decide to keep isopods as pets, there will inevitably be offspring. What should [...]


The Isopod Terrarium

Once the decision has been made to purchase isopods and design a terrarium for them, [...]

Baby Isopods – Insights to succesful isopod keeping

What should be done so that tiny little isopod babies in the terrarium are doing [...]

Sex determination, mating and reproducing of isopods

There are many kinds of isopods that are not complicated to breed because they reproduce [...]


Moulting of Isopods

Isopods are very different compared to other terrarium dwellers. A very great difference is their [...]

Isopod Food – How to feed them right.

Before the Isopod-Hype reached us, isopods were mainly used as clean-up crews in many kinds [...]


Insektenliebe Isopod Starter-Set

Description: The Insektenliebe Starterset is a Box made of plastic, that is perfect for beginners. [...]

Isopods Q&A

I usually use Facebook or E-Mails to reply to your questions. But since I’m getting [...]