Insektenliebe Isopod Starter-Set


The Insektenliebe Starterset is a Box made of plastic, that is perfect for beginners. The tank imeasures 28x20x14cm  (5L). We offer everything for the perfect ground for your isopods. riddled soil, dead wood and oak leaves. Your animals will live in perfect condition and have enough space to hide, for example underneath the dead wood or the cuttlebone. Everything you need is in packed in there!

You can choose between the following kinds:

Porcellio laevis "orange"

Isopod Starter Set: Everything you’ll need

The Starter Set will offer you the best conditions for your own try to breed isopods! It contains all the equipment you will need for this fascinating hobby – from forest soil to cuttlebone, oak leaves and the isopods of course. Now you can fully concentrate on your new flatmates 🙂

What does the Starter Set contain?


 You will get a bag of fully prepared forest soil which is just enough for the tank and the amount of isopods that you order. 

We also put in a huge piece of dead wood which offers your isopods food and a place to hide. The dead wood will take up about 1/5 of the space on the surface of your tank and therefore has the perfect size for your amount of isopods.

We put fallen oak leaves in a different bag. Oak leaves make a great food source and it also covers up the ground which protects it from drying out too quickly. That way you get the perfect air condition but you should still make sure you have enough space on the surface for it to breath.

Oak leaves also have a sterilizing effect on their surroundings due to the humid acid they produce. This helps keeping the isopod breeding tank clean and free of mold.

We filled another bag with tiny pieces of dead wood which you can mix in the forest soil. Doing that, you’ll give the isopods inside the ground enough food to survive without having to get to the surface. Especially your offsprings will provit from that act of kindness 😉

dead wood

The amount of chalk that’s inside the ground substrate plays a big part for your isopods. They need chalk to strengthen their exoskeleton that’s why they’re usually not found on and in parts of soil without a chalk exchange. For that reason it is necessary to offer your isopods chalk as cuttlebone.


Cuttlebone is often found on shores since it is part of a squid. When they die, the cuttlebone is usually washed ashore. We put 2 cuttlebones and also a pulver version of it inside the Insektenliebe Starter-Set. That will last for quite a few months.


We pack 12 Isopods of your choice along with the starter-set. They’re pre- or subadult so that you can start breeding right away. With younger animals you might have to wait 6 – 12 months until they start getting the first offsprings. Older isopods don’t have a really long life expectancy which is why we chose that age.

When can I put the Isopods in the tank?

Right after putting everything inside the box you can also put the isopods into their new home. The average room temperature is totally fine in most cases. The humidity will be alright too if you put enough water to the ground substrate every now and then.

Important: Don’t forget to cut a hole in the lid for the perfect air condition.

Is one Starter Set enough for me?

A Starter-Set will give beginners a first view to the fascinating world of isopods. As soon as your breeding goes well and you get more isopods from it, you might need a bigger tank. But you can still keep the tank of the starter-set as a breeding box.

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