Let us introduce you to the biOrb EARTH 125

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Wohnzimmer
Since the keeping of reptiles and amphibians became popular, terrariums have changed very little. Modern designs can be made of better, lighter or stronger materials. But their basic design remains unchanged; unsightly tanks that require external lamps and other accessories to be bolted on – antiquated and highly unattractive. This is not the case with the new biOrb EARTH 125.
The elegant biOrb EARTH 125 is an absolute eye-catcher for any room, even before you become fascinated by its exotic inhabitants.

If your animals look so good, why would you keep them in a drab terrarium?

There is no denying that the biOrb EARTH 125 looks great and has a sophisticated style that is sure to match your decor. However, the product must also have a “functional beauty” – the performance must be as good as the appearance. That’s why biOrb EARTH 125 uses acrylic instead of glass. Not only is it incredibly strong and a good insulator, acrylic doesn’t have the green tint you get with glass. And acrylic lets 23% more light through. So for the first time you can see the animals in their home in a completely different way.

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Regenwald
biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Wüste im Wohnzimmer

biOrb EARTH 125- Ideal for experts and beginners!

This terrarium gives you everything you need in a terrarium to create the perfect home for your animals, regardless of your skills or previous experience. While everyone will admire the look of the biOrb EARTH 125, experienced pet owners will rave about the precise control they have over every aspect of their biOrb EARTH’s environment. Those new to the incredible world of terraristics will be thrilled by the combination of scale and ease of use.

There are different reasons why biOrb EARTH 125 is the best terrarium so far!

No cable clutter

For conventional terrariums you need many sockets: one for each lamp, one for the rain system, one for the electricity, etc.. But not with the biOrb EARTH 125! Now there is finally an end to power strips and cable clutter. One cable, one plug, one socket – done!

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Kabel

Full control with the EARTH app

biOrb EARTH Schwarz-App

All aspects of the biOrb EARTH 125 are fully controlled via the EARTH app. Temperature, humidity, daylight hours and much more can be set individually day by day, by season or even for the entire year.

Authentic 3-dimensional temperature gradient

Below the bottom of the biOrb EARTH 125, a heating cable continuously ensures a correct substrate temperature. The heating cable can be freely configured to set up a kind of “heat spot” in a specific corner or along one side. Direct heating of the substrate mimics conditions in nature, where the soil warms slowly in the morning and cools in the evening.

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Heizung

But that’s not all, on the back of the terrarium is a specially designed temperature control Heating and cooling and ventilation are operated by a solid-state Peltier element, and the air is continuously circulated to heat or cool the terrarium as needed. The continuously supplied (warm or cooled) air then mixes with the air circulating in the terrarium. Just like in nature!

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Beregnungsmaschine
biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Nebel

Optimal humidity for your inhabitants

In conventional terrariums, the correct humidity is either maintained by manual spraying – a laborious task – or an external humidifier or fogger is attached to the outside of the terrarium, additional components that need to be continuously monitored and concealed. In the case of the biOrb EARTH 125, an ultrasonic fogging unit with its own fan and water tank is already built into the back. In addition, the biOrb EARTH 125 has two adjustable rain nozzles for gentle humidification. This is an unbeatable combination, because together the fogging unit and spray nozzles create realistic and optimal conditions in the terrarium. Since the biOrb EARTH 125 mimics a natural temperature gradient, a single sensor is not enough. To ensure that temperature and humidity meet the needs of the animals, this terrarium has two sensors hidden at the top and bottom of the terrarium.

Almost as good as real sunlight

To mimic conditions in nature as faithfully as possible, the sun rises in this terrarium every day, later passes the zenith and finally sets in the evening. In the lid of the biOrb EARTH 125, two rows of highly efficient, LED lights provide sun-like light throughout the day. Standard LEDs produce white light by coating a blue LED chip with a phosphor layer.

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- LED
biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Beleuchtung
This process gives the emitted light a blue component that influences the natural biorhythm (day and night rhythm) of animals. It works the same way for humans. Sun-like LED lights are manufactured using a special process to produce the most realistic light radiation possible. And since the lights deliver a longer-than-average operating time, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. However, the lighting is controlled by more than just regulating the brightness of the LEDs. Three separate channels sequentially increase or decrease the intensity, so that in the biOrb EARTH 125 the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
Just like us, other vertebrates need vitamin D3 for healthy bone growth. For many pet owners, this means adding a food supplement to their feed. In nature, ultraviolet sun rays (UVA and UVB) are absorbed through the skin and then converted to vitamin D3 in the body. Therefore, in addition to the sun-like LEDs mounted in the lid, this terrarium also has a UV light. This replicates the UVA and UVB radiation found in nature. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, which means “alternately warm creatures.” They need the warmth of the sun to reach the proper body temperature. To complete the spectrum of a natural sunlight, i.e. to present more wavelengths, this terrarium emits infrared radiation. The lighting of the biOrb EARTH 125 is not subject to any standard configuration, so it can be arranged according to your wishes and the needs of your animals.

A new dimension

Until now, terrariums have only been able to successfully mimic the natural environment of animals and plants to a certain degree. With a built-in loudspeaker, this terrarium now takes this simulation one step further. For animals, sounds are not just part of the background of their environment. Certain sounds trigger certain reactions. An obvious example of this are lure calls. With the biOrb EARTH 125 app, you can choose among different soundscapes for the inhabitants of your terrarium.

biOrb EARTH Schwarz- Lautsprecher

Everything gets in, nothing gets out

When creating the biOrb EARTH 125, special attention was paid to maintaining consistent, natural temperatures and humidity levels. This is especially helped by the seals on the lid and all openings.
With natural, bioactive planting, the terrarium not only looks like nature, but also smells like it. However, this may not be desirable in a living space. And that is why the air drawn into the biOrb EARTH 125 is passed through an activated carbon filter to filter out any pollutants, such as aerosols, and the exhaust air from the terrarium is also purified by the activated carbon filters housed in the side wings of the lid. In addition to odor control, these filters and seals also ensure that fruit flies and other live food remain in the terrarium. So you can set up the biOrb EARTH 125 in any room without worry.
The biOrb EARTH 125 – maybe one day someone will invent a better, more beautiful terrarium than this, but we highly doubt it. This stylish, contemporary complete set is the perfect centerpiece for any room, even before anyone looks inside the terrarium. It is undoubtedly the perfect terrarium to present a stylish accent in the apartment and dedicate yourself, a piece of nature in his home.
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