My presentation at the “Club der Aquarienfreunde Nürtingen e. V.”

On 08.02.2019 my presentation at the “Club der Aquarienfreunde Nürtingen e. V” (Club of aquarium friends Nürtingen e. V.) took place. About 20 aquarium friends followed the invitation, which was published on their website. I hope they got an exciting and informative insight into the world of insects and isopods.
“Love for insects, or how fascination becomes passion” – driven by this title I thought about this evening in advance. You rarely have the opportunity to talk about your passion for an hour without being interrupted. And believe me, my family, friends and colleagues no longer have a problem with nipping my stories in the bud. Therefore it was an important evening for me and  from a therapeutic point of view, for my ego as well.
I was standing at my pizza delivery and wanted to pick up my order when the smartphone rang. At the other end was Peter Gaßner, the treasurer of the aquarium friends. He asked me if I would like to give a lecture at one of their club evenings. For the reasons mentioned above, I accepted directly and was looking forward to this evening. Of course one cannot plan an hour of lecture completely, but I wrote down keywords and thought about what I could tell and show.
club der aquarienfreunde nürtingen
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On the one hand I have a full-time job plus Insektenliebe and on the other hand I am sometimes more unstructured than I would like to admit myself. So I couldn’t prepare the way I would have liked to. But as a compensation I have a certain eloquence that has helped me out of a fix several times. So I sat in front of the interested audience and told them about my childhood, my experiences and the passion that never lets go of me. The hour went by faster than I thought and I had to keep myself short towards the end, not to go into extra time.
With this lecture I hope that I was able to achieve that the listeners, insects and isopods are seen from a different angle and value than before.
My special thanks go to Peter Gaßner for the invitation, to Dr. Michael Hollnaicher for the exciting stories of his investigations of the fauna of the Upper Swabian wetlands afterwards and to all listeners who shared this hour with me and my topic.

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