Terrarium equipment should be suitable and well considered

We try to reproduce a piece of nature in our living rooms. It should also be as close as possible to the natural habitat of the terrarium animal. Terrarium equipment helps us to create the perfect terrarium, the right lighting, the right food and a lifelike replica of the environment. The range of products is very diverse and you will always find the right item for your current needs. We test our products ourselves before we include them in our range. If it is not suitable, we do not offer it. If there are no such terrarium items as we would like, then we develop our own products.


Our terrarium equipment helps your animal to develop healthily.

Especially the interior decoration plays an important role for the well-being of the terrarium animal. With terrarium equipment, you can create climbing possibilities, but also offer shelters. At the same time, you can create different climatic zones and, by observing the animal's location, you can draw conclusions about its preferred need for warmth and humidity. Our natural products are of course pesticide-free and are tested regularly. Essential terrarium equipment such as water bowls or calcium and vitamin preparations are also covered in this section and thus ensure an all-round healthy development of your pet.


Terrarium equipment is technology that inspires!

The appropriate control and measuring technology is a great help not only for inexperienced newcomers. The temperature and relative humidity can be controlled centrally. This way, you can go on holiday with peace of mind or generally not have to worry about doing anything wrong. In this way, keeping parameters do not become a feeling or an empirical value, but an automated technique.

Lighting is a key issue, not only for diurnal residents. With infrared light, even crepuscular and nocturnal animals can be observed undisturbed. As soon as you want to plant your terrarium, you need the right amount of light for beautiful plant growth. It is not difficult to make a choice, as our products always contain a detailed description and there are also links to articles that can be combined with each other.

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