Plants are more than decoration: How terrarium plants increase the well-being of your animals

Did you know that plants not only beautify your terrarium, but also fulfil real climatic functions? They increase the humidity in the terrarium and make your terrarium animals feel at home.
But beware, if you buy your plants from a garden centre, you could accidentally introduce pesticides into your terrarium. But don't worry, we have the solution for you! Our terrarium plants are completely pesticide-free and can be safely planted in your terrarium. It's time to give your animals the luxury of sitting on pesticide-free plants!
But you know what's really cool? Terrarium plants don't need fertiliser! Yes, you heard me right. The animals in your terrarium will do it for you. They leave behind a natural fertiliser that makes your plants grow. That's every gardener's dream!

Fake plants, real happiness: Why artificial plants increase the happiness of your terrarium animals

And for those of you who don't fancy real plants, or the climatic conditions aren't met, we have the perfect solution: artificial plants! No diseases, no pests, and best of all, they're easy to care for. You can't go wrong with artificial plants! They are the perfect substitute for real plants if you don't have a green thumb.
So, dear terrarium owners, let us bring your terrariums to life and decorate them with our pesticide-free terrarium plants or artificial plants. Let your terrarium animals feel like they're in the jungle, even if they're actually chilling in your living room!
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