Porcellio spec. Marocco

Porcellio spec. “Marocco”






1,7 cm; males 2,0 cm due to their long antennas

Social Behaviour:

This isopod can be kept by beginners but is also stil great for some more experienced keepers because you should keep them rather dry. That aspect also brings less problems with mold and mites.


Porcellio spec. “Marocco” reproduces quite a lot. The development time has not been specified yet but I believe it’s about an average of 6 months. I’ll update the article as soon as I know more.


You should spray water in one corner of the tank every two days in order to keep a constant good humidity. It’s recommended to use moss in that corner so the water can be absorbed and then slowly be spread throughout the tank. The rest of the isopod tank should be kept dry. Coco humus and pine bark is perfect as a ground mixture for Porcellio spec. “Marocco”. Fallen leaves as hiding space and food is also necessary. To add some more proteins I use fishfood but the base should be, just as with any other kind of isopod, cuttlebone and dead wood.

There are more information to follow!