Porcellio scaber "orange"

Porcellio scaber “orange”


Cosmopolitical, it’s a form of breeding that cannot be found in nature


18-23 °C


up to 1,8 cm

Social Behaviour:

It likes to hide in groups beneath dead wood, stones or moss. Originally, the porcellio scaber comes from the west-atlantic area. Nowadays, the common slater can be found all over the planet. You can also find them pretty much everywhere outside. Procellio scaber eat everything but mostly dead plants.


Breeding is really easy with a development time of about 6 months.

Special Features:

Porcellio scaber “orange” is the orange form of our common slater. Due to the short development time and uncomplicated breeding, they’re perfect feeding animals.

Tipp: Keep a constant humidity (70-80%) inside the Terrarium. It’s okay if the sides of the tank get steamed up. But never let the terrarium dry out.

There are more information to follow!