Porcellio laevis “white”




18-26 °C


up to 2,3 cm

Social Behaviour:

Porcellio leavis “white” is a diurnal kind and therefore a perfect gust for all those who like to study the behaviour of their isopods. They usually always run around the tank. I feed my porcellio laevis every two weeks with axelotl food and it’s so exciting to watch them rush to their food. Sometimes they even collect their sticks to their hiding spots to eat it all up without being disturbed.


The isopods don’t have to be completely grown up to reproduce. Porcellio leavis “white” get many offsprings and reproduce quickly with a development time of about 7-8 months.


There are many colour variations, for example: Porcellio leavis “black” or “orange”. All colour variations are perfect for beginners because of their diurnal and active behaviour.

Tipp: They are comfortable with a high humidity and therefore perfect companions for snails.

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