Porcellio laevis “Milkback”




18-26 °C


bis 2,3 cm

Social Behaviour:

Porcellio laevis “Milkback” is a diurnal species and is therefore a perfect guest for anyone who would like to study the behaviour of these animals. Usually, they are always to be found and move lively through the isopod tank. I feed my Porcellio laevis “Milkback” twice a week with isopod food and it is always a spectacle when all the isopods greedily jump on it. Sometimes the woodlice even carry the food into their hiding place to nibble in peace.


The isopods do not have to be fully grown to get babies. Porcellio laevis “Milkback” is a very reproductive species which means you will have your own offsprings relatively fast. The development time is about 7-8 months.

Special features:

We managed to breed a stable colour strain of “Milkbacks” out of the Porcellio laevis “black”. There are different color variants like Porcellio laevis “orange”, Porcellio laevis “Panda”, Porcellio laevis “white” or Porcellio laevis “black”, but all color morphs are perfect for beginners due to their day activity and relatively undemanding keeping conditions and their stately size.

Tip: They cope with a very high humidity, therefore they are also suitable for wet terrariums such as snail basins.

There are more information to follow!

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