Armadillidium versicolor "Slowenia"

Armadillidium versicolor


East alps and Danube countries and along the balkan countries.


21-25 °C


up to 1,5 cm

Social Behaviour:

This kind prefers living on mineral grounds but you can still find them on humus grounds as well. They hide under gras, walls and stones.
They’re really active and don’t hide too much.


Armadillidium versicolor is easy to keep and also easy to breed, therefore they’re great for beginners as well! Due to their huge colour variations, they’re perfect for colour breeding experiments. The development time period is about 6 months.


Be careful not to dry out the isopod tank. More is better than less in this case. The ground substrate should make up around 4-5 cm in height. That way you will protect the tank of dryness and also waterlogging.

They like eating fallen leaves but also moss. I always offer oak leaves and every 3 days I’ll give them something like zucchini, sweet potatoes or carrots. Only put enough in there for about 2 days.

Tipp: Since they naturally live on mineral grounds I would recommend adding a little garden lime to the substrate.

There are more information to follow!

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