Porcellio hoffmannseggi

Porcellio hoffmannseggi




20-24 °C


up to 4,0 cm

Social Behaviour:

Likes to hide in groups and with their offsprings underneath dead wood or moss. Porcellio hoffmannseggi are friendly animals.


Porcellio hoffmannseggi is a kind that’s known for simple breeding with a quick development time of 7 months. They don’t have to be completely grown up to get offsprings. For the perfect keeping of a small number of porcellio hoffmannseggi you can put up a box (20x20x20) with forest ground.

It’s best to reach for oak and beech leaves that you can just find outside. You should put it into the microwave before putting it in the box. One or two corners, that you regulary put water in, are necessary but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Porcellio hoffmannseggi like to eat fallen leaves, cucumber, sweet potatoes and fish food.

Special Features: 

Porcellio hoffmannseggi ist is a huge kind with antennas that can reach up to 2cm. The colour range goes from brown to grey.

Tipp: A huge piece of wood on the ground gives the animals a place to hide and also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on the amount of animals in your box by just lifting up the leaves.

There are more information to follow!