Armadillidium maculatum- Zebrarollassel

Armadillidium maculatum “Zebra Pillbug”




22-26 °C


up to 1,8 cm

Social Behaviour:

These Pillbugs are an absolute highllight because of their bright white stripes on their black base. Some of them even have yellow stripes, those look like a mix between Armadillidium gestroi and Armadillidium maculatum (Zebra Pillbug). So far, it has not been possible to breed only this colour version. Let’s see if someone will make it in the future!

Armadillidium maculatum is a very extrovert kind. But it will depend on the amount of animals you have in the tank. In a huge tank with only a few isopods you’ll hardly see them that’s why I would recommend to put a decent amount of animals in the tank if you want to watch them. As an alternative you could just be patient and wait until their offsprings make enough isopods to actually see some in the tank.


This kind is easy and quick to reproduce. Within 6 months you can easily grow a whole generation.

Special Features:

Especially for beginners, the zebra pillbug is a great kind. They get many offsprings and often show up on the surface.

Many say that if you keep too many isopods of this kind in a tank, they’ll stop reproducing automatically. I don’t necessarily agree with that, as long as you give them enough dead wood, leaves and cuttlebone, there won’t be any problem. Similar to Armadillium klugii Montenegro, they prefer leaves and wood over fruits and vegetables.

They also don’t need too many proteins. That’s why I usually add tropical springtales to the terrarium. Those will eat all the leftovers and prevent any mould.

Tipp: Always offer enough cuttlebone.

Armadillidium maculatum “Zebra Pillbug” can also be part of the Insektenliebe Isopod Starter-Set.

There are more information to follow!