Armadillidium gestroi

Armadillidium gestroi




21-24 °C


2,0 cm

Social Behaviour:

They usually hide under fallen leaves

I got my animals from a french guy who told me a few things about the place he found the armadillium gestroi’s. They’re local but can usually only be found on shores with rocks. Those mostly consist of material like limestone, sandstone or granite. Therefore it’s probably best to integrate a limestone in your isopod tank.

In Germany, you can find limestone in the middle and south parts of the country.


Breeding Armadillium gestroi is easy and it takes the average amount of time. The growing of the offsprings usually goes well and without any problems. But my other armadillium kinds actually have a higher rate of offsprings than the gestroi.

Special features:

The habitat of the animals is relatively damp, therefore you should make sure the substrate never dries out. Armadillium gestroi eat fallen leaves but they also use it to hide underneath. They do eat other things but they definitely prefer leaves – you should offer them something else every now and then, though! You can add spring tails to your tank to prevent any moldiness.

The outer appearance of the isopod is fascinating. They’re rather big and are bright in colour. They’re segments end with a bit of a distance between the next one which doesn’t make them seem so “smooth” as other isopods.

Tipp: Cover the surface with limestones and fallen leaves so you offer them a great place to hide with food inclusive!

There are more information to follow!