Porcellio laevis “Dalmation”




18-26 °C


up to 2,3 cm

Social Behaviour:

Our Dalmation is a diurnal kind and therefore a perfect guest for all those who like to study the behaviour of their animals. They’re always on the go but not really too shy. I feed them every two weeks with food for axolotls and it’s always exciting to see them eating it all up within the shortest amount of time. Sometimes they even collect pieces and carry them to their hiding spots.

This kind of isopod cannot be bothered by humans as long as there’s food around. You can make the greatest observation while giving them for example a piece of sweet potatoe. I like to seperate my dalmations after their colours to breed different colour schemes. Some are more white than others and some even have a black base.




The Isopods don’t have to be all grown up to reproduce. The Dalmation is a kind which will bring you a lot of offsprings really soon. The development time is about 7 to 8 months. Therefore they also make a great feeding animal but as I said, they’re perfect for colour experiments

Special Features:

Porcellio laevis have many names:

  • Dalmation Isopod
  • Porcellio laevis “dalmatian”
  • Porcellio laevis “dairy cow

All these names describe the same isopod!

There are some different colour variations such as Porcellio laevis “super orange” or “white” but they’re all perfect for beginners.

Tipp: They also live in areas with a high humidity and can therefore be used for e.g. snail terrariums.

Porcellio laevis Dalmation can also be part of the Insektenliebe Isopod Starter-Set