Armadillina spec. "Rubber Ducky"

Isopoda spec. “Rubber Ducky”




26 °C


2,0 cm

Social Behaviour:

Isopoda spec. “Rubber Ducky” are very active and always on the go!




The followig Information do not come from me personally, they trust on other Breeder’s experiences.

For the ground you may use a mix of natural coconut substrate, which contributes to a higher humidity in the tank and for the other half you can just use regular forest ground.

On top of that, you can put some pieces of bananapeel inside the isopod tank since it’s supposed to be a good base for their diet and also increases the temperature due to the decomposition. Side note: Only use organic and untreated Bananas.

You should still put the usual equipment of a piece of dead wood and cuttlebone inside the tank.

One Corner should always be kept damp, just use moss for that. You should also make sure to always spray water on the new Breed of your “Rubber Duckies”. The water should be treated so that there’s no ammoniac, chlorine or chloarimes left.

For food you can just give them zucchini, carrots, repahsy morning wood or leaves of the ebelebo.

Repashy Morning Wood and leaves of the ebelebo can be bought on the internet or in a specialist’s shop. Repashy Morning Wood isa mix that’s usually meant for fish which scrape their food on wood or stones. Leaves of ebelebo is also a common fish food because it’s decreasing mildew in the fishtank

The temperature should be over the average room temperature. You can experiment yourself and build different climate zones inside the tank That way you also give your tiny creatures a wider range of places to discover.

Isopoda spec. “Rubber Ducky” are fairly new in the game. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who actually sells these, they’re probably really expensive. It’s also quite hard to breed them since they only have a few offsprings and grow really slow.

Special Features:

They only have short antennas but they’re really quick.

There are more information to follow!