Armadillidium spec. Albino

Armadillidium spec. “Albino”


It’s a form of breeding that won’t be seen in nature. But it originally comes from Japan.


22-27 °C


up to 1,7 cm

Social Behaviour:

They’re always in groups and tend to eat a ridiculous amount of food. Therefore they’re the ideal kind to use as a clean up crew! They’re also not too frightened just as other Armadillium kinds and curl up only about half as much. That’s good for everyone who is interested to see the behaviour of the animals. Just for that reason I spend a lot of time just watching them find food or reproduce.




Albino’s reproduce a lot and quickly. They grow up in only about 6 months. I have hardly ever seen a kind of isopod that is so quick to get offsprings. It will only need a short period of time until you will find baby albinos, that will eat everything they can find, in your tank. Since the younger animals are mostly hiding inside the ground, it will also be kept clean of all trash.

Special Features:

They’re albinos and therefore don’t miss the red eyes. But they  get more yellow-ish with age. It’s probably a base colour of Armadillium vulgare. For me they’re interesting because you can use them as a clean up crew in every terrarium. Since they’re also very interesting themselves you get what many ask for – a companion in a terarrium!

Tipp: Armadillidium spec. Albino is the kind of isopod that I would recomment to every beginner. They only have low standards and needs and can be used as a clean-up-crew in almost every terrarium. They should always be offered Proteins, you can just use Fish/cat/dog/chicken food and other foods that are rich of proteins.

Armadillidium spec. Albino can also be part of the Insektenliebe Isopod Starter-Set.

There are more information to follow!