Spirostreptus spec. 1

Category: Spirostreptida

Family: Spirostreptidae


  • Tansania


  • during the day 24-25 °C
  • during the night 21-22 °C


  • Length up to 14cm
  • Width up to 8,5mm
  • Segments 71-73

Spirostreptus spec. 1 are absolutely uncomplicated diplopods. This is constant from feeding to breeding. Very gladly they accept white rotten wood (WFH). There they sometimes stay permanently and eat from the inside to the outside. Therefore I always offer large pieces of WFH. In addition, I give them leaves, pumpkin, zucchini, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes, all of which are accepted without problems.

Cuttlefish shells for calcium intake must be offered permanently, since the animals have an increased calcium consumption to build up their chitinous shell.

Also proteins may not be missing. I use the isopod food BALANCE FLAKES, which is very well accepted. Of course you can also use dog or cat food, but you should pay attention to a high protein content (wet food 17-20%, dry food 35-40%).

Nutrition is the most important basis for old age and healthy and strong offspring. Spirostreptus spec. 1 can live up to 5 years.

Like all millipedes, they are crepuscular and nocturnal. But this does not mean that you will not see them during the day. I often watch my animals feeding, climbing and wandering around on the surface during the day.


Up to 10 centipedes can be kept in a container of 40 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm. The substrate height should be 20 cm, so that the animals can easily burrow. This is especially important in the moulting phase, as the animals moult in the soil substrate. Another advantage is that the higher the substrate, the more balanced the microclimate in the container. Forest humus should be used exclusively. Climbing facilities in the form of branches are recommended. These can also be overgrown with lichens and mosses and are gnawed off very gladly by the Spirostreptus spec. 1. Therefore, these can be refreshed little by little and one thus expands the menu of his little pets.

If you use a plastic box, you should drill enough air holes in the container.

Spirostreptus spec. 1

Spirostreptus spec. 1

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Spirostreptus spec. 1 reach sexual maturity after 2-3 years. The husbandry parameter temperature also plays a major role (the higher the temperature, the faster the metabolism).

Under good conditions a clutch can contain more than 150 young. Therefore you should be clear in advance whether you have the space or the buyers for it.

The larvae can be left in the box of the adults without any problems.


The appearance of these diplopods is absolutely fascinating. The animals are banded orange and green as you can see very nice in this photo.

Due to its stately size and the relatively slender appearance, Spirostreptus spec. 1 lays a foundation for an imposing appearance.

To take out the millipede is only conditionally suitable. They feel any kind of stress and then secrete readily and abundantly even for their size. Therefore one should pay attention with the handling that this should run off as stress-free as possible.


The humidity should be at least 70%. There should be no waterlogging.

Spirostreptus spec. 1 can be socialized together with isopods. The isopods eat the fecal pellets of the diplopods and thrive thereby splendidly.