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Cockroaches have an image problem

Cockroaches have an image problem - but honestly, who doesn't have an image problem these days? We all have our rough edges, and cockroaches are no exception. They are considered pests and disease carriers, but seriously - who hasn't found themselves on the train with someone coughing and sniffling in a far too cramped compartment?
Most of our species come from subtropical and tropical areas and do not reproduce in our homes. They dry out after a very short time and therefore pose no danger. Also, no diseases are transmitted from offspring and you don't have to worry about your health.

Why do people keep cockroaches as pets?

The variety of species is almost infinite, and cockroaches come in a wide range of shapes and colours - some even resemble beautiful beetle species. Who needs a boring goldfish bowl?
But that is not all. Cockroaches have a behaviour that is so complex and interesting that even a Netflix marathon looks boring against it. From elaborate courtship dances to the rearing of offspring - cockroaches always have something going on in the terrarium. You can watch for hours and wonder how such a small creature manages so much action.
And the best thing about it: cockroaches are also frugal to keep!

What is the attitude of cockroaches?

A high box with forest humus, white rotten wood and fodder leaves is usually sufficient. They are easy to care for and only need a little moisture twice a week to create a tropical climate. We offer several species in the cockroach category, and each has its own special characteristics - it's like Tinder, only for terrarium fans.
And here's another little secret: our cockroaches are captive-bred and not wild-caught. So if you've always wanted a cockroach but your conscience got in the way because of animal welfare - we heard you. Offspring are already accustomed to life in captivity and don't have to get used to it first. This saves stress and nerves - both for the cockroaches and for the owner.
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