Philosciidae spec. "North Thailand"

Philosciidae spec. “North Thailand”



North Thailand


16-23 °C


up to 1,1 cm


I barely find Philosciidae spec. “North Thailand” under an egg carton or under a piece of bark. This is very untypical in comparison to other species of woodlice that we breed. They run around the box and investigate everything that gets in their way. So it’s not surprising that they can be used very well as clean-up crew. I can imagine that a predator’s area of operation is rather unsuitable because of their carefree nature, but perhaps their behaviour changes when danger strikes.




The breeding is quite simple and fast. Therefore I can recommend this species to every beginner. They can also be used for socializing or as clean-up crew. The propagation rate is relatively high and you will quickly have a considerable group together. The development time takes about 3-4 months depending on temperature and food supply.


Special Features:

The north of Thailand is characterized by several mountain ranges. Due to the higher elevations, the temperatures are usually significantly lower than in central Thailand, on the mountains it can even come to night frosts in winter. The humidity is relatively high and will be about 59% in the dry season (November-April) and 84% in the rainy season (May-October). Therefore, this species can also be used in rainforest terrariums. Philosciidae spec. “North Thailand” have a sexual dimorphism similar to Porcellio silvestri. The males have two orange coloured lines along their segment plates, which are a darker grey than the basic colour of the females.

Tip: They are a great species, that are a size which is somewhere between the white isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) and the Cuban isopods (Porcellionides pruinosus). Therefore, they have a large area for activity with a slightly lower propagation rate. The food offer should be varied as with all isopods. However, we do not notice any special preferences. 

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Philosciidae spec. "North Thailand"

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